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T h e S u n V a l l e y W i n e C o m p a n y

Our mission is in our name – wine and great company in Sun Valley!

The Sun Valley Wine Company is dedicated to enriching the community with a welcoming space and providing service and a smile to all our customers. Whether grabbing a bottle to go or enjoying the company of friends, there’s always an occasion to stop by at the Sun Valley Wine Company—lunch, afternoon break, happy hour, après ski, after a hike, or meet up with friends. It’s always the place to stop and take a break anytime. Enjoy curated wines, delectable fine food, and a welcoming environment enhanced by the incredible environs of Sun Valley, Idaho.

The Sun Valley Wine Company exists to be your go-to spot. It’s where folks deepen friendships, refine their palate, and relax. So come and add to your story and ours with your best adventures and experiences in the Wood River Valley.

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Our wine selection is always rotating. Check out our seasonal wine by the glass selection
Whether you’re with a big group or looking for a light snack, we have an amazing food selection
We also offer a large list of amazing beer, canned cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages

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Sun Valley Wine Company Club

We have heard many descriptions of wines throughout our lives based on personal preferences, cost, and occasion; but nothing compares

Sheep Parade in Ketchum Idaho

Ketchum Idaho bears testimony to many historical events that have enriched its value and created a sense of pride for

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