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What started as a pipe dream became a reality for Gayle, Jim, their daughter Crystal, and her husband, Dexter. The Sun Valley Wine Company represents their most cherished family memories and their particular and favorite type of must-haves when traveling to Sun Valley on their many ski vacations and special occasions.

Crystal always said, “If we could ever one day own the Sun Valley Wine Company, we would jump at it instantaneously. It’s my happy place!” In the spring of 2021, the opportunity presented itself to take on this fantastic business venture. As the four new shared owners of the Sun Valley Wine Company, they are committed to offering every customer, buyer, or passerby the ultimate experience, atmosphere, and cozy place they adore. The Sun Valley Wine Company continues to serve its loyal locals while serving new wine enthusiasts and bringing friends and family together. With views of Baldy, the bustle and happenings of Ketchum Town Square, and superb wine, the Sun Valley Wine Company is here to serve everyone who comes in to enjoy.

Drop by to experience this family-owned business that shares its love for wine and people. They want to welcome you to their comfy, family-run, and owned business to add to your Sun Valley life.

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