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Crystal McKenzie - Owner & Manager
Owner & Manager

C r y s t a l

Crystal and her family originally bought a condo in Sun Valley during her ski racing years. They instantly fell in love with Sun Valley and the Sun Valley Wine Co. They would visit the SV Wine Co. après ski as a family, and Crystal grew up enjoying this cozy atmosphere. When she was old enough, she began to enjoy tasting new wines and became enthusiastic about learning about the wine industry. Crystal’s love for Sun Valley led her and her family to purchase the business to continue learning about her passion for world wines and making Sun Valley her home with her husband, Dexter.

Owner & Manager

D e x t e r

Originally from Jamaica, Dexter was recruited to the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers for track and field. Crystal and Dexter have an incredible story about how they met. Ask them to share their story when you are at the SV Wine Co. Since they have been together, Crystal has turned Dexter into an avid skier. Crystal and Dexter had been coming to Sun Valley to celebrate Christmas every year, and in 2020 they came and never left.


G a y l e

For years, Gayle has been enjoying the Sun Valley Wine Company. She and Jim have owned a home in Sun Valley for 30-plus years, and the SV Wine Co. has always been a place for her and her friends to enjoy après ski. Gayle’s enthusiasm for wine grew during a vacation she and Jim took to Italy, where they especially enjoyed the wine tasting. Then, as Crystal got older, wine became a passion project for the entire family.

J i m

Gayle and Jim met through working in the construction management industry in Washington in the 80s. They have visited Sun Valley for over thirty years with Crystal. After retirement, they started spending six months a year in the Sun Valley and decided to make Sun Valley their home. Running the business is their new endeavor.